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X’mas&Happy New Year Event

Dear all customers,

Thank you for all your support this year.

Here is our 2019 X’mas & New year event .

Moreover, Sweet Dream Baby Peridot&Lulu has been Launched today. X’mas Version with Double head are only sell in this period.Hope you like them <3.


About Special Editon Peridot&Lulu

More information please see : lulu Peridot

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Special for Mr. Hoffmann’s Toy Box event

Very happy to be here today 🙂

We are Booth37

Fullset doll for Mr.Hoffmann’s Toy Box special price

If you are interest please contact us in Q&A and leave your email 🙂

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About Website Upgrated

Dear Valued Guest,

Today, we have finished update our website.

It’s still may have some unexpected errors, if you have facing errors please let us know.

Newest changes:

1.Launched online order systems.

2.We have set default currency from EURO change to American dollar(USD).

3.New Mini Yori Launched.

4.Cutie series Option Parts 6 type of Hands Launched.

5.Baby series Lulu&Peridot/Cutie Peridot/Mini Cici Update new face make-up and Images.Now start Pre-order period.

Baby LuLu
Baby Peridot
Baby Lana
Cutie Peridot
Mini Cici

Thank you very much for your support!

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Attend Event list

Comibaby Attendent Event list for 2019

July 20th Hongkong Dollvie

August 17th-19th Resin Rose BJDExpo2019 Portland,Oregon USA

August 25th Dollyparadise in Chengdu,China

September 8th Dollpaca in Thailand

October 12th Mr. Hoffmann’s Toy Box in Taipei,China

October 26th Dollyparadise in Shanghai,China

November 23th Dollyparadise in Beijing

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Comibaby doll x ARAKUNEM*

Mr.Hoffmann’s Toy Box&Dollyparadise Special Limited Event

◆Provence Garden◆

◆Collaborate Designer ◆

Dress Design:Pomu Sisici*47|pattern making:K |Embroidery:TOKO|Leather:Basafel

Doll sculptor:Heimi、Miwa、Comi|Make up:lunar eclipse|Illustrator:NZ

Baby Lana & Baby LULU
Cutie DUDU & Cutie Yori
Cutie DUDU
Cutie Yori
Baby Lana


Comibaby-Baby&Cutie Size


Belle cap


Braces skirt



Little bear

Doll with Eyes


Shoes (Make by SiSQ*)



Total 11 components

◆ Price ◆

Cutie DUDU:NTD 13360 |RMB 3100 | 410EURO

Cutie YORI:NTD 13360 |RMB 3100 | 410EURO

Baby LANA:NTD 15090 |RMB 3500

Baby LULU:NTD 15090 |RMB 3500




Cutie DUDU ONE for Mr.Hoffmann’s Toy Box AND ONE for Dollyparadise in Beijing

Cutie YORI ONE for Mr.Hoffmann’s Toy Box AND ONE for Dollyparadise in Beijing

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New Launched Double Joint Mini&Baby Body

Since 2018 we develop Cutieseries use double joint technique has achieved great succeed. We start to upgrade our Baby series and Mini Series body to double joint body.

After days and nights of hard work, finally on this Christmas season Double jointbody are ready!

It has Perfect self-standing performance, and more convenientfor various poses. I’m sure you will love it. From now new order will upgrade to New body. Same price, more Fun.

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New 26cm Cutie Yori will be release soon

Aloha! all friends:

This year we put more effort on sculpt,some friend may already see her in IG.

YEAH,Happy girl Yori is cooming !

This time COMI is try her best to sculpt a lively cute head.Also added teeth and tongue as changeabe option part, makes more possibility for make-up.The original intention to design Yori is that life are alwasy hard for everone, but we wish when you see Yori, you can smile from deep heart.

YORI Head1YORI Head2YORI Head3

She will be releas as pre-order from Sept.25th-Oct.15th