About us

Welcome to Comi Baby Dolls.

We start at early 2016, a few of Europe designers with support from Comilla Liu, we decided to start our own BJD project at Sandra design group, which located in the heart of Europe. We are merged into Dollsky company on 2019.Doll Designer remains same  from mainly Europe and China, Marketing fully managed by Dollsky team .

The Idea of this project is to keep the childlike innocence in adults, and show the beauty of innocence in our designers mind.

We highly appreciate and are thankful to Comilla’s great help and full support and to show our appreciation we decided to call our project Comi Baby Dolls.

With homophonic meaning call me baby.

We hope that our Dolls would help our customers to find back their childlike innocence and wonderful moments.

*To reduce the cost of manufacture and make it affordable for everyone,

we will now shipped out our doll from china.

*Um unser Produkt für jeden erschwinglich zu machen, haben wir uns dazu entschieden unsere Dolls von China aus zu versenden.