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New Launched Double Joint Mini&Baby Body

Since 2018 we develop Cutieseries use double joint technique has achieved great succeed. We start to upgrade our Baby series and Mini Series body to double joint body.

After days and nights of hard work, finally on this Christmas season Double jointbody are ready!

It has Perfect self-standing performance, and more convenientfor various poses. I’m sure you will love it. From now new order will upgrade to New body. Same price, more Fun.

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New 26cm Cutie Yori will be release soon

Aloha! all friends:

This year we put more effort on sculpt,some friend may already see her in IG.

YEAH,Happy girl Yori is cooming !

This time COMI is try her best to sculpt a lively cute head.Also added teeth and tongue as changeabe option part, makes more possibility for make-up.The original intention to design Yori is that life are alwasy hard for everone, but we wish when you see Yori, you can smile from deep heart.

YORI Head1YORI Head2YORI Head3

She will be releas as pre-order from Sept.25th-Oct.15th

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New Kissing Baby coming soon.

Hello all my lovely friends,

It’s a long time that I have no inspiration.

But suddenly the idea comes and I catch it.

I just want to have a kissing face cutie ‘3’. That’s how it started.

Isn’t her lovely?XD

However,I’m still in final adjust process…

Hopefully will finished soon.

To Be Continued.

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New Line Comibaby-Mini Peridot Coming Soon

At the beginning of 2017, We are happy to announce Our NEW Line will be releasing soon, It is an exciting moment for all of us in the team.

Till now, We have been started this project for half years, in the time we experienced setbacks and failures together, But we never give up. Finally New Line of doll is coming out.

Let me introduce her-Very first Mini Peridot.She is mini size BJD(22cm), easy to carry and travel with. Moreover she fit Blythe and other 26cm dress, what a awesome thing .Normal and white color available.Pre-Order will open at end of January.

Hope you will love her . :)


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Peridot- Cast Sample

After several month hard work, we are ready to Lunch the third head and Baby body.

Firstly let’s see our new Cute Baby -Peridot. She has a big innocent eye shape and always likes to pout her mouth. Such a cute kid<3. Waiting for make-up artist to finish her job.

perodot cast sample

Moreover, now we have our own Baby body! YAY. Selling price start from 240 Euro including Head <3.White Skin and Normal Skin available, Online pre-order start from August 30th.

Detail body size information please see picture. Shown with Mion-human ver. Head.


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Mion-Human Ver. Sculpture


2This pic is from some time ago, She is ready for cast, yeah ^w^.Hope you like her, she’s so special for me. Mion Human Version is the outcome after I make sevarl inprovement on elf ver. Price about Mion Human Ver. will starts at 60€ and the first units will be available for purchase at DollyParadise in BeiJing in June 11th.My Agent will help me to dispaly it. Thank you so much for invite us to join the event :P.

Online Pre-order will start at June 15th.

comi body

Recently I’m also working on Body sculpt,So much shaping to do.>.< Hope I can release more details soon.

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Mion in Japen

I went to Japan a few days ago. Japan is a very friendly country, It was Fun and Wonderful trip.There are a lot of dolls fans even when I walking with friend in the street,some of doll fans come to me and asked me about Mion’s brand.

I love Japan so much!<3