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Qualitative Research Methods And Research Writing - Guide 2021


The two significant factors to consider while gathering information for a potential research process at the Master's level are authenticity and reliability.

  • Why is it so?
  • What are the details of these two factors that make these the most significant considerations?
  • Why are these two factors required in the cautious execution of a lot of studies?
  • Some students who are new to the process of research may even ask
  • What is authenticity and relentless quality?
  • In the academics, why so numerous students are confused about these two concepts the same?
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It is average that these questions can spring up in the psyche of any student. This article will control students about authenticity and steadfastness in the development of research instruments.


The contrast between the two concepts is not too astounding, rather their usage and the deployment of these two concepts is what can confuse the students. Likewise, the various types of authenticity and the association of these types with faithful quality can also perplex things further.


What is Research? - Purpose of Research


The fundamental question is the way to ensure the authenticity and reliability of information in a Master's essay. As the name of the degree suggests, this essay all things considered requires a huge load of free thought and that as well, at a more significant level.


The union of material also needs cautious ability and whenever affirmed determined engagement needs to be demonstrated, it is to be ensured that the information is substantial and solid. In case you haven't the foggiest how to write essay and you can ask writer to write my essay.

Therefore, we should restrict the progression of information to the concepts of authenticity and faithful quality.


What is authenticity?

This thought alludes to the limit of an instrument and how it can measure something which it intends to measure. If a student wants to ensure the credibility or the respectability of their research, they first and foremost need to work on the authenticity of their instruments.


This thought also helps students to answer the question if the findings of their research are material or generalizable to various contexts as well or not. Of course, this most often depends on the nature and expansive space of the research.


What are the various types of authenticity in research design?

There are seven key types of authenticity in the research design. These are mentioned as follows:

1.External authenticity

2.Internal authenticity

3.Construct authenticity

4.Content authenticity

5.Face authenticity

6.Criterion related authenticity

7.Statistical conclusion authenticity


How to ensure authenticity of the information in a Master's essay?

Yet this is a precarious subject, there are some techniques that the researcher can use and there are some questions that a researcher can ask in case they need to establish a reasonable level of authenticity with the instruments being used in the research.


The first step is that the mediator or the facilitator must be especially ready and skillful. As good selecting is a fundamental issue in subjective research, therefore something else that can ensure authenticity is a respectable sample bundle.

If information is assembled from those individuals who are not truly representative of their general population, by then the research will not incite genuine results and the whole process will be a waste of resources. Elective explanations can also be sought after to see if the results still sound legitimate. If the researcher can easily dismiss various scenarios, there is also one greater freedom that the authenticity of the research can be strengthened.

Another extremely successful strategy that can improve the authenticity in any research design is the process of triangulation.


Through this strategy, an association can even enroll two autonomous researchers and give them the same set of instructions to execute the research process. Around the finish of the research,results from both the researchers can measure up and thus the authenticity may be increased or decreased.

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What is unflinching quality?

This thought is exclusively associated with the consistency of the instrument that is being used to accumulate information for research. Brand following studies and research assignments specifically focus on this thought because if the phrasing of a question in any questionnaire is slightly transformed, it is significantly expected that the participants will give various responses. For an essay writer, this thought is also significant because it is associated with internal consistency. If the implications of this thought are absent in an essay, it might be ordinary that there would be an absence of soundness in the essay.


How to ensure enduring nature of the information in a Master's essay?

Following the same line of approach, there are numerous tactics that can be passed on to ensure the enduring nature of information in any sort of research. Through procuring an improvement the way where information is accumulated and facilitated.


It is basic for the researcher to cleanse information so that the analysis is based on the most superb and at present significant information. In case these steps are ensured and still trustworthiness is not being ensured, it is significant that it should be segmented for extra analysis.

Information can be sorted into pertinent groupings to choose trends and this can incite a more distinct and focused analysis. This also gives a push to exactness and the researcher can easily sharpen in significantly specific behaviors and trends.


Assuming the researcher has accumulated information from various sources, the information may be astoundingly inconsistent and these inconsistencies can incite inaccuracies in the results. For steadfastness to be ensured, information needs to be standardized.

Authenticity and relentless quality aggregately can distinguish extraordinary research from horrible research. It's a given that these two concepts must be studied inside and out and their practical implications should be sent in the research.

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