2nd Anniversary Event

Dear Comibaby friends ,

For Celebrate our 2nd Anniversary, we are going to have Anniversary event during May 10th – June 10th. Thank you for all your support in last 2 years.<3

*Worldwide Shipping $30 on orders of $50-300.

*Free shipping on orders of $300 or more!

*20% discount for Cutie Peridot doll

Cutie Peridot:None Make-up Doll Price 159 Euro

*10% discount for other Pre-order and in-stock doll.

Mini Mieco:None Make-up Doll179 Euro/Make-up doll 193 Euro/Full set doll 234 Euro

Baby Kimel:None Make-up Doll 216 Euro/Make-up doll on Head 238 Euro

Mini Cici:Mini Mieco:None Make-up Doll179 Euro/Make-up doll 193 Euro


The 2nd Anniversary promotion will continue until June 10th.

Thank you for all your love and interest in Comi Baby Doll.